Friday, December 30, 2011

a NEW year

Just the three of us. That is how we will begin 2012. A new year means new beginnings.

I began a new blog because the old one represents the past. It was a good past, and it will be there to reflect on. My blog has always been an outlet for me during the trials and celebrations in the past 5 years. This new blog will be no different. There have been a few changes in our life and will continue to be some as the years go on.
In the past year, I have gone from being married to divorced. I am raising two girls on my own. The girls and I have moved in with my parents. My life has been turned completely upside down. And, I have had to come to terms that there are some things I will never understand. God doesn't promise us understanding, just LOVE and HOPE. My life is a blessing. And, although there are times (or years) that there seem to be disappointments, I know the blessings out-weigh those by millions.
So, this year is about getting MY life back. Focusing on my mental and physical health. Putting God first. Showing my girls what love really is. I am ready for a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate.
Bring it on, 2012!