Monday, May 14, 2012

My little gymnast

Since August, Kayden has been taking gymnastics. She loves it. It seems to be something she really gets into and does well at. So, every Monday we head to the YMCA for her to practice. It doesn't hurt to have her best friend, Lindsey in her class too.
All her hard work paid off at he end of April.  She had an exhibition to show what she has learned.  I could tell she was focusing to do everything really good!  And she did!  I am very proud of her and her talent.  

This picture makes me sad because she looks so old here. I just don't want her to grow up yet.
Mrs. Stacie came out to show her support, too!

My Birthday Week

That's right, I don't just celebrate my birth day, I celebrate all week!  And it was back in April, so I want to try to catch up. 

The weekend before my birthday the girls and I went to Jacksonville to spend some time with the Easons.  We had a great weekend of laughter, eating and some beach time.  Our kids always play so good together and of course Linds and I get lots of time to catch up.  Sunday morning, she went to wal mart at too early in the morning and brought back a ton of goodies for my birthday breakfast.  It was such a wonderful surprise!  Thanks again for a great beginning to my bday week!

That week was also the girls spring break.  We didn't have a lot planned, but we worked hard!  Dad and I put our pool up (sounds redneck, I know) but it is really nice and will be wonderful this summer!  Monday was my birthday and I of course picked Smokin' Pig to eat dinner.

 Brecken tried to "help" too!

Mom and I took the girls to an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  They had a lot of fun, and got lots of candy.  super.
Sunday, we took a few pictures before church.  I really love my family!  I had a great birthday week and I think the rest of the family had a great spring break.