Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My favorite 6 year old!

 The end of school was super busy, but with very exciting events for us. Kayden was selected by her classmates at class favorite for K5. That pretty much means she gets her picture in the yearbook, and at yearbook dedication, she is introduced at favorite. It's a big deal for a kid (and her mom).
We had a quick photo shoot before the ceremony.

Wouldn't dare to leave my sweet B out.
Jake and Kayden, K5 class favorites
At our school, kindergarten had a graduation. It was so fun to get all her ready and see what they had prepared for us. Her Grandma wanted her to have a mani/pedi for her big day, so we did that before the graduation.
Little big and Aunt Terri
Getting her nails done
Pretty purple toes
And nails...
My big girl in her cap and gown.

Gracie, Emma, and Kayden getting ready

All the kids participated in the graduation. Kayden led the audience in the pledge.
 Receiving her diploma
Kayden received the highest test scores and was presented with a certificate by Mrs. Stacie
Class of 2024 (yikes!)

I love you KK!

Another reason this year was so special is because Augusta graduated from high school.  We had a get a few pics in their matching caps and gowns. 

Ok, that about raps up the first two weeks in May...