Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little girl turns Big girl

Kayden turned 7 in November (so I am only a month behind). She had a few close friends to spend the night and then she got to see her Grandmama and PawPaw from TN. I think she had a good birthday. Here are a few things I want to remember about her at 7... She is very thoughtful. She want to make people cards all the time. She has lost her top two front teeth now and she is adorable. Not so much with just one front tooth hanging out. She likes to be organized like me. Her sense of humor is very unique. She makes me laugh at the most random times and the things she says I just don't expect. She LOVES to cheer at GCS. She takes it very seriously and does great. She also loves to participate in gymnastics. She is into her own thing and she makes me very proud. She got first place in Bible Bowl at school last week. I started making her wear deodorant recently. Ha ha! She is still picky about her clothes. It is the texture and feeling of them not the actual coolness of them. She is very different when it comes to that. So, she doesn't have a lot to clothes. And, I am very thankful she wears uniforms to school, so we don't fight daily about what she can/can't wear. She can read very well. The papers she brings home are all A's, usually 99's and 100's. She is very sweet, tender-hearted and kind. I love my KK and am very proud of the big girl she is becoming.

She has wanted this password Journal for a long time and I told her to start saving her money.  She did, but Aunt Terri came through with the gift so she could save it for something else.  I can't express how happy she was to get this!