Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back it on up...to February

I am trying to get my blog back on track. So, here goes my attempt to catch up. Not much happened in January. School started back, and the normal resumed. Lots of fun things in February, so I will hit the highlights!

Kayden went the the Father/Daughter Dance this year.  We picked out a new dress and shoes (of course, ones she told me she would wear again and has yet to happen).  Her Daddy brought her a corsage and off they went.  She had a good time, but might have been a tiny bit embarrassed by her Daddy's dancing.  He should probably take Brecken next year.  She looked beautiful of course.  

GCS put on the first Jog with the Generals. The girls both wanted to run so my mom walked/ran with them.  I took pictures.  They both did great and got medals that the art classes made.  There was a great turnout and I know they will be excited to do it next year.

Towards the end of the month, Kayden and I ventured down to Jacksonville to cheer on Amy and Audrey in their first Marathon.  One of the reasons they did this particular one is because it is connected with breast cancer which hits really home for them.  They did this in honor of both of their parents and I was so glad I got to experience this.  On the sidelines, of course.

The Blounts were home for a weekend so we got a tiny photo shoot in.  We felt like it was necessary to get Cason with all the girls.  He no longer will be the only boy, baby Knox is due any day.

Stay tuned for March highlights...