Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Angel Baby!

On August 9th, we celebrated Janey's birthday like we do every year. We take balloons to the cemetery and release them. This year she would have turned 6 and gone to kindergarten. When I see the kids her age I think about what she would look like and how different our lives would have been. She is on my mind and in my heart every day.

Back to School

I think the girls were ready to go back to school. And, I was ready for a routine. It's hard to believe they are going into 2nd grade and Pre-K.

Kayden, going into 2nd grade.
Mom, Dad and the girls.
My sweet babies!!!!
And, the crazy Pre-Ker!!!!

Last little bit of summer

Our July was very laid back. It rained so much this summer that we didn't go to the beach or pool as much. We really just enjoyed doing nothing. We did watch Fireworks with some friends on the 4th. One of my good friends adopted a sweet little boy at the end of june so we had a shower for Summer and Judson. And, we finally took a day and went to the beach with the Easons. We spend the night and were able to relax and catch up with our great friends.

And that about wraps up our summer....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

TN bound

Our last stop was in TN. It is always so laid back and relaxing there. It was nice to see everyone even for a few days.

Grandmama is a great card  player and cookie baker.  My girls love to do these things with her.
Brecken also got a new toy.
I think water guns were part of gifts too....

Aunt Terri's

We spent a few days with Terri. She worked a lot so we took advantage of her pool. The girls love being with her. The feeling is mutual I think. 

I also got to meet up with 2 college roomies. Love these girls and wish I got to see them more often. 
One of the best things I have ever gotten to do was watch my sister testify in a court case. This was only one I took, obviously. She did so good and made me so proud, as always. 

Lay over in TN

 These are out of order but here are a few from our stay at the Blount's house. 

Indiana or Bust

Our Summer started off with a 10 day trip across the country. Okay, not really, but we traveled to many different places and saw many different people. We left on a Thursday and traveled with Kristin and the kiddos. I have no pics on my camera but it was quite an adventure. Everyone did really great, even Knox, up until the last 30 min, then he was DONE!!!!! We got to spend some time with them that afternoon and spent the night. Friday morning we got up and headed to pick Terri up at the airport in Louisville. My Grandpa, Logan Lee, turned 80 this year so the family had a surprise party planned for him on that Saturday. We had a great time and got to see family that we don't get to very often. Sunday, we went to church and then headed to Arkansas to stay with Terri for a few days. Since she flew in she got to ride with us. We always have a little too much fun on car rides!

Happy 80th Papa Lee!
Sweet Kayden!  I love those big brown eyes!
Not to be outdone by my blue eyed girl though!
I love this man!
Dad and Papa eating lunch.

After the big party we went to this fair that local police, fire, etc put on for kids.  Girls had a good time.

Girls got to spray their own shirts.  Pretty cool.  And free.

The Family.